Monday, November 30, 2015

December Again

Tomorrow December comes again. I just read my entry from last year entitled Deciding on December. I read all my last year December days in my journal this morning after writing yesterday's events. When I read those entries I feel so many emotions. This time last year we were letting Leonard go. We had no choice on that of course. We had to let his last days unfold as they would as we had no control over it. I had flown to Meg's, surprising them all to have some pre-Christmas time with my precious granddaughters. I spent Zac's 36th birthday doing important things like meeting Emma at the bus, making gingerbread houses and reading with the girls. The next day I went with Meg and we found her beautiful wedding dress. I came home the day Leonard died and we found our way through that as best we could. Caleb and Ashlie had a severe case of food poisoning which made December a huge challenge for them. We had a simple and special Christmas and as I remember those days I fill with gratitude that we had those moments together. So here we are again deciding on December. The years go flying by. It is so hard to believe that this will be our 17th Christmas without Zac. My heart breaks for Shelley and Noah as they face the first one without Jessica. I know that pain and I hold them in my thoughts and prayers. I also hold on tightly to what I know. I look back to last December and all the Decembers before and celebrate the confidence and the hope that this December will bring the blessings and gifts that all the others did. The challenges are not easy but we will make deliberate choices that will get us through another December.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Back From the Rock

Home again ,home again,jig,jig,jig . I never drive up our driveway after a trip away without reciting that rhyme and I always think of Burton's mother when I do. Not sure when but sometime along the way her reciting that line stuck with me . That line for me means I am back to the comfort and peace of my Walton Lake home. Wherever I travel it is that sight that I love the most! We saw some amazing sites on the west coast of Newfoundland. What rugged stark and stunning beauty those cliffs, coves and surrounding water create. And what warm and wonderful people. It was certainly worth the long drive and the uncertain ferry schedule. Our sailing was cancelled three times but we enjoyed the hospitality of Lew and Stacey Short as they put us up and treated us like family. I highly recommend The Short's bed and breakfast or should I say bed, supper , lunch and a drink or two. Stacey is an amazing cook. As anxious as I was to get home we couldn't have asked for a better place to wait out the high winds. So my first trip to the west coast of Nfld is behind me and I have new friends and great memories to take away. I now get back to work on the edits for my next book that will come out in the spring. It was given a new title as I sat waiting and I will let that settle and take form as I return to the story that continues to improve in the editing process. Have I said enough just how grateful I am for the gift I have been given and the opportunity to see my fifth book take shape? We had safe travels, good laughs and great stories and here we are home again , home again, jig, jig ,jig.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Yesterday was a bleak, dreary, cold settling in kind of day ; a typical November 11th. A large crowd gathered in front of the flag and cenotaph to once again remember. Names were called, wreaths were laid and the crowd stood solemnly for those few minutes we give every year to honor those that have made the sacrifice for our freedom. The sights and sounds were familiar and an occasion when young and old gather with the same intention. Across our country this was repeated in every community, village, town and city. At 11:00 we stood in solidarity to remember. I was asked to speak at the afternoon's dinner at the Legion. I gave a lot of thought to what I would say before sitting down to write my talk . The talk could certainly not be all about me. Suffering and loss is so universal and so a part of the solemnness of Remembrance Day. Each individual of the collective statistic of suffering comes with a story , a family , loved ones left behind. I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Sullivan , Chris Saunders's mom. I have seen her in the last few years laying a wreath in her son's memory but I had never met her and talked to her and shared with her the bond we have , the sorrow of a mother's heart. I hope the words I chose were uplifting and meaningful to those that gathered. I was truly honored to have been asked.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Now it's November

November has arrived. With it comes time change and another season approaching. Thursday's rain and wind storm pretty much whipped the leaves from the trees leaving only a few with any color. November , the bleak month takes the stage. Last night as the darkness descended an hour earlier than the day before I realized that I welcome November even though it is so drastic in it's persona. I love the coziness it brings. The warm house and early darkness calls us away from the business of summer days and evenings and the demands of autumn's harvest and clean up tasks. We get ready to settle in for the winter first with the call to Christmas and then the long winter months ahead. I feel a familiar tug to the traditions of the past; the seasonal landmarks and the comforts of home and family. I don't mind the starkness of November at all. The cold and barren outdoors pushes us inside for rest and rejuvenation so that we will appreciate and be ready for the promise of Spring. I am so thankful for the comforts of home now that it is November!