Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Winding Down

Sunday morning. Caleb just left to take his father to catch his flight for a two week exercise in the USA. It is a beautiful morning and after a bit of straightening up from Burton's packing frenzy I will spend the day writing. Meg and the girls come Wednesday night and I expect that my writing time will be limited while they are here. Final edits done on Ten Thousand Truths and now back in Terrilee's hands. I await cover choices which I look forward to. Moving along on my story set in 1917. I will write today, Monday and Tuesday and then get back to it when the girls go home. I am very excited to have a good long visit with my daughter and two grand babies. I have a school visit on Thursday and then all my time will be given to enjoying Emma and Paige and giving Meg a good dose of grandmother time. My friend Alice just self published a delightful book ( Half a Loaf is Better Than Broccoli) filled with many funny kid stories from her 35 years of teaching. Congratulations Alice Edson.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting in to February

Another Sunday morning now in February. We had a winter storm yesterday reminiscent of winter storms in the past. These have been few and far between this winter . Driving home from my sister and brother in-law's house last night with my fearless husband, brought back memories of many snowy drives of the past. Sitting here now in my sunny office looking out at the snow banks while my youngest son plows the driveway I truly appreciate this season. Along with it's challenges it brings much beauty. I had a very enjoyable weekend spending time with two wonderful friends/sisters and their amazing 90 year old aunt. It was a time of story telling and reading and I relished every second of it. Their family which I often pretend is my own is so rich with story and memory and so values the place each generation and family member takes in the whole fabric . I sit in awe at the weaving of such a tapestry of memories.
Friday I sent back my revisions of Ten Thousand Truths and now wait for it to take it's next lap on the way to publication. I believe in this story and look forward to sharing it with others. Tomorrow I will return to 1917 and see where my story of Lily takes me and her. Now in my Sunday tradition I will attempt to reclaim my home, sweep up the dust balls

and dog hair, and catch up on laundry and overall tidying, enjoying my home and this stage of the life I have been given.