Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On to October

As September comes to an end I look ahead to October . First thing, my beautiful granddaughter,Paige has a birthday. I wish I could hop on a plane and be there Saturday morning. On Saturday instead of getting to see my granddaughters I will be reading to other children at the SJFPL during a Story time event for the Fog Lit Festival. There are several other events that I want to attend. Check out the Fog Lit Festival at foglit.com or facebook.com/foglit. Congratulations to Riel Nason for her Saint John Originals Literary Arts award. Louisa, Ashlie and I enjoyed the Gala on Friday night. I was very pleased to have been nominated . (Riel let me hold the award) Saturdays at the market have been great. Book sales are good and I have met some very nice and supportive people. This past Saturday I saw a former student and met her kids. Her daughter told me how much she enjoyed reading my book and shared her love of writing with me. It was so nice to see them. I often get e-mails back from readers. I got a couple of really nice ones last week. One said that she and her daughter really think Ten Thousand Truths should be a movie. Author Lesley Crewe who will be reading at Fog Lit just had her book Relative Happiness made into a movie. Who knows? I am still waiting to begin editing The Memory Chair. Writing continues on the book I am working on now. I am possibly on the last twenty pages. I will miss the characters I have come to know so intimately. I am thinking ahead to the next book though and as with most things, that will come to be when the time is right. So October stretches ahead and this last day of September begins . The drizzle and fog is so much different than the bright, sunny, warm days of the past weekend which were a wonderful goodbye to summer. October will bring the changes we have come to expect, the last of the garden will be harvested ( we ate the last of our delicious corn Sunday night), the winter's wood will start to fill the basement, the furnace will be on more than not , leaves will fall and the temperatures will drop.We will celebrate Paige's birthday from afar, look forward to our Thanksgiving weekend traditions , take our annual girls shopping trip and see what else October brings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Falling Into Place

I have not written on my blog since September 9th, my blog coach /daughter just reminded me. Being a very busy Executive assistant I'm not sure how she had time to alert me to that fact but with her prompting I tried again. I have been stumped by my blog lately as sometimes when I sign out I can not get back on . There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why sometimes my password gets me right on and other times it doesn't . I have tried a few times lately and not been able to get on and gave up. This time it loaded without even asking me for a password. Oh well, the joys of technology. Just ask the people in charge of New Brunswick's election yesterday. Apparently the electronic system that was going to make everything so much faster did not quite work that way. At this point they are saying that the Liberals won but we shall see. I am not going to talk politics though or dwell on my technical difficulties. Instead I am going to say what a beautiful Fall day this is. The trees are changing color slowly but each day the change becomes more visible and vibrant. The air is certainly cooler and I believe my last lake swim was two days ago. September is moving along. I got grant applications sent away and sent my book week contract. I look forward to the Saint John Originals Gala Friday night. Ashlie will enjoy the evening with me and as they say "it was just an honor to be nominated" no matter the outcome. I am participating in the Fog Lit festival and look forward to several of the events that the hard working committee and my friend Rosalyn Hyslop have organized for the 2nd annual festival. Burton is digging the last of the very poor potato crop. Good thing we are not as dependant on the potato as the Irish were before the Potato famine or we would be immigrating to another country. We had a great corn crop though and have been enjoying corn for over a month. Our new dog Biscuit is settling in very well after being with us for three weeks. He now runs through the fields looking like the horse of a dog he is. For a dog that rarely got outside unless tied on a chain I think he is really enjoying his new home. I am awaiting the start of the edits for The Memory Chair and will share the delightful photograph of my grandmother and her siblings(some of them, there were eventually 19)that was the seed for the story that took shape and will eventually be my fourth book. Now back to my writing and I will try to check in again soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch Your Step

Yesterday I went back to the woods. If you have been a reader of my blog entries you will understand what that means. I have had this beautiful wood road behind my house for a long time, possibly since we moved here in 1981. Burton has done lots of work to make it a better road but for the most part I have always had access to the winding trail through the woods that I now find so enjoyable. Isn't that the way it often is? The beautiful things right under our noses sometimes go unnoticed or underappreciated. Soon, especially if these early morning temperatures continue to get cooler I will have to give up my lake swims. The wood road will replace the lake to give me my alone time and my daily perspective . Yesterday, I really had to watch my step. It was like wading into the unknown ,navigating through tall ferns and grasses trying to watch for the stumps, roots, uneven ground, wet spots and other hidden obstacles. As with most challenges it will get easier. I will learn what to expect. I will build confidence and know that a path I have done before I can do again. I will see the path change with the seasons and each time it will give me something I least expect. So now, I will get to my day of writing and later find time to take that walk and take whatever it has to offer me on this day.

Friday, September 5, 2014

So With September ,

Sixty six years ago Iva Wetmore married Leverett Bradley on September 4th . A few years later after two boys they had me a tiny ,premature baby that clung to life and beat the odds. Speaking of beating the odds a couple that have been married for sixty six years certainly beats the odds as well. I am so thankful that they are both still well and active. My son Chapin was born 29 years ago on Mom and Dad's anniversary. I love the month of September. I remember the year Chapin was born what a gift it was to be home with my new baby , three year old Meg, and Zac just starting school. Today my granddaughter starts school. I wish I was there but will have to settle on the pictures her mother sends me. This week I got back to my writing and enjoyed every minute of it. I am moving ahead with the book I am working on and don't want to stop at the end of each day. I hope if the writer finds it hard to put it down that the reader will feel the same way. I got introduced to my editor for The Memory Chair and look forward to starting that journey with her towards a finished book. I have to squeeze in pickling, making salsa , other harvesting chores, taking woods road walks again and as many September swims as I can get in. Burton has a birthday this month and I'll invite people( Yes I really will, Meg and Burton) to celebrate with a corn boil, to enjoy the ears of corn that are now ripening in our fourteen rows. What a treat to go out each day and check for the cobs (with the dry silk) that are ready to be picked. Burton believes the best corn is corn just picked and dropped in boiling water for seven minutes. So with September, comes family celebrations, first days of school, long days of writing , corn boils with friends, lots of harvesting and days of beautiful end of summer and into Autumn weather.