Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Winding Down

It is the last week of June. The garden is planted and just about everything is up and growing. We have had three wet days which the dry earth needed badly. Ready for the hot sun to shine again to get the corn to grow high and give my flowers back their beauty. I have set the date for the launch of Ten Thousand Truths after deciding on a cover and checking everything before it was sent off to the printer. Thursday,August 2nd is the launch date at the Kingston Farmer's Market.I look forward to seeing family, friends and neighbours as I let my second book take flight.Until then I will weed, hoe, mow, swim and paddle ,
attend two weddings of close friend's daughters and enjoy every day of July.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

George St. Middle School Bookworm Club

Yesterday I travelled to Fredericton to meet with the George St. Middle School Bookworm Club. Teacher Sara Belong and Librarian Sandy Barry had invited me and I am so glad I was able to go. I met Talha, Jacob, Dylan, Jaden, Nina,Heather,Matt, Sarah, and Shawne and shared parts of The Year Mrs. Montague Cried with them . We did a couple of reading /writing activities and I was happy to introduce a few books to them from Taylor Anne's Reading Challenge that they were unfamiliar with. Being the avid readers they are I am sure some of them will check some of the books out to read. Check them out, a good phrase when talking about a group of kids meeting in a well stocked library run by a very enthusiastic,dedicated librarian. That is something George St. Middle is lucky enough to have and it is a shame that every school in our province does not have one as well. Many of our school libraries are run by volunteers and when there is a lack of volunteers become sadly neglected and under utilized.I hope to return to George St. in the fall . Thanks again Sara and Sandy and Bookworm Club!